Nov. Club Meeting: Julie Moss & Kathleen McCartney Thursday 17th 5p-8p

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It is considered the most important moment in Triathlon and Ironman history. In the winter of 1982 the battle between Kathleen McCartney (left) and Julie Moss (right) became must see TV as Moss’s huge lead disappeared in a matter of minutes. The finish that evening became one of the signature moments of ABC’s Wide World of Sports when, after being passed within yards of the finish, Moss crawled towards the finish and collapsed on the line. That epic Agony of Defeat/Thrill of Victory moment touched people watching at home who decided they needed to find out for themselves why crossing that Ironman finish line was so damn important.

On November 17th Bob Babbitt from Competitor Magazine will interview  about the race, the finish that linked them forever and their lives since that classic moment nearly 30 years ago.


Deni & Jeff Jacobs Challenged Athletes Foundation

9591 Waples Street

San Diego, CA 92121


**Book Sale: 25 Years of the Ironman will be on sale for just $10 a copy. Cash/Check. then you can get it autographed by Julie, Karen & Bob**



5:00P Food / Social / Sponsor Expo

6:00P Announcements & Raffle

7:00P Julie Moss & Kathleen McCartney emceed by Bob Babbitt

8:00P Autographs & Pictures

8:15P Breakdown (Volunteers Needed)