Rehab United

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Rehab United Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Center (RU) dedicates itself to purely functional and comprehensive rehabilitation and performance training for all sports. RU specializes in the functional approach to evaluation, treatment, injury prevention, strength and conditioning programs, and individualized coaching. We also offer massage therapy, ART, orthotic fittings, and nutrition counselling. Our therapists and coaches ensure success by training the body the way it was intended to move – we create strategies to improve movement patterns, not just individual muscles. We are exercise scientists, biomechanics experts, strength coaches, and triathletes. RU recently teamed up with Catalyst Endurance Coaching (CEC) to bring world-class coaching to San Diego. RU and CEC specialize in constructing periodized training plans that emphasize the perfect balance of functional training, physical therapy and sport. Our endurance-sport-specific workouts will challenge you like never before – make this your best race season ever by training with RU Sports Performance Center!

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Free Injury Screens
Free trial of any group workout
10-15% discounts on: personal training, individualized coaching, nutrition services, massage therapy, and group workout programs