TCSD Triathlons

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2014 Schedule:





Volunteers Needed

6:10A Transition Opens & Sign In's

6:50A Course Talk

7:00A Race Start

700 m Swim, 20 km Bike, 4 Mile Run

Location: Fiesta Island - Closed Course & Chip Timed
Every year the Triathlon Club of San Diego is fortunate to be able to put together a series of triathlons for its members.  With 7 races each year, we provide a chance for participants to test their training against over 100 other club members.
Our races take place at Fiesta Island, located in the middle of Mission Bay.  This manmade island provides an ideal location for our events, as we are able to close the island & allow our participants a safe and closed environment to race in.  With a swim ranging between 700-800m, a 12.5mi bike course and a 4mi. run course, our races are a great way to gauge your fitness for upcoming races, or simply a way to stay in shape and fulfill your competitive side.
We offer these races March through May & September through December.  Signups will open two weeks before each race, accompanied by an email from your race directors with a thorough description of the course and rules.  Races do fill up, so please remember to register on the website.


TCSD Aquathlon 2014

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It's the the 2014 Season

Distances: 1,000 Meter Ocean Swim & 3 Mile Beach Run

Location: La Jolla Shores Beach: End of Vallecitos / South Showers, Tower 30

Thursday 5/15
Monday 6/16
Tuesday 7/15
Thursday 8/14
Thursday 9/25

Directions from the North

  • South on Interstate 5, exit west on La Jolla Village Drive
  • Follow to third traffic light and turn left on Torrey Pines Road
  • Proceed to fifth traffic light and turn right on La Jolla Shores Drive
  • Turn left on Vallecitos
  • Go West until you hit the beach.

Directions from the South

  • North on Interstate 5, exit west on La Jolla Parkway
  • Follow to fourth traffic light and turn right on La Jolla Shores Drive
  • Turn left on Vallecitos
  • Go West until you hit the beach.

We are very excited to announce that our first Aquathlon of the year is finally here! Yeah!  The water is warming up and race season is underway, so come down to La Jolla Shores on Thursday, May 15th for one of the club's most well attended and exciting events.  Then stick around for pizza, salad and snacks afterwards.

For members who have not had the chance to participate in our Aquathlons, it is a swim/run event we hold once a month on a Thursday evening from May through September.  The event consists of a 1000m open ocean swim that starts in front of the Marine Room Restaurant and heads north paralleling the coast.  After the swim, our 5k run course consists of two loops down and back to the Scripps Pier.  Follow that up with tons of food and you have the makings for a great Thursday evening.

Event details:
Distance:  1,000 meter swim & 5K run
Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014
4:30PM - Registration opens
5:40PM - Course Talk
6:00PM - Race Starts
Location: La Jolla Shores.  Transition will be set up just south of Kellogg Park, right at the end of Vallecitos, by the bathrooms and just south of the Main Lifeguard Tower (Where the Monday night La Jolla Shores open water swim meets).  Or for those who like to use addresses:  2100 Vallecitos, La Jolla, San Diego, CA

Registration will be required and link will be provided soon! 

It provides us with accurate numbers so we can determine how much food to order.****  On the TCSD Website, go to 'Race Registration' under the 'Racing' tab and click on the respective race.

Bring your own plate, cup and utensils, please. We're trying to reduce our environmental footprint.  Of course will have some on hand, but are working to slowly phase them out
If you purchased a timing chip online, you may pick it up at the race.

Volunteers are great and crucial to the success of these events. If you can help out, please email either:  Dawn Copenhaver:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jay Lewis:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SWIM details:  
The swim is a 1000m course just off of La Jolla Shores.  Participants will start in front of the Marine Room Restaurant & head out approximately 200m before making a right at the first buoy.  From there it is a 600m swim north, paralleling the shoreline before making a right at the final buoy and heading directly in to the beach.    (Depending on the amount of sting rays reported, this will be either a beach or water start.  The decision will be made on race day)

For everyone's safety, there will be lifeguards on paddle boards patrolling the water.

Click here to view the Swim Course

RUN details:  
After coming in from the swim, participants will make their way up to transition, put on their running gear, and begin the two loop run course down to Scripps Pier and back.
**Please remember that the run course is two loops, so you'll be heading down to the pier twice for a total of 3.2 miles**

Click here to view Run Course.  

Jay Lewis
e:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Questions? contact Jay Lewis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TCSD Duathlons

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April 26, 2014 - 2nd Annuall Throwdown Showdown - Pine Valley Duathlon w/ Kitchen Creek Road
May 24, 2014 - The 1st Annual Long Course Duathlon - Distances are: 5k Run, Slightly modified GWL,10k run - There will be cut-off times at each leg
June 21, 2014 - Las Pulgas Duathlon

Our third duathlon of the year is here , and it's not for the faint of heart.  For all the club veterans, Pine Valley is here.  For any people that haven't experienced this great event, we encourage you to come out and participate in one of the oldest running events in the club. To put some more salt in the wounds, and to keep the veterans on their toes.. we're keeping the tradition alive from last year!.... Details below:
Date: Saturday, April 26
Time: 8:00AM (Due to the distance out to the start, we begin a little later)
Location: Pine Valley, CA
Directions: Take 8 East approx. 40min from San Diego.  Exit Pine Valley Rd. and make a left under the freeway.  Make a right onto Old Hwy 80.  Parking is approx. 250m up on your left side behind the Post Office
The course
So, the good news is that there is no initial run.  This is simply a Bike/Run event.  The bad news:  You need to ride 8.5 miles to the start line... and this will be most in the way of downhills that you'll see in the course.  Racers will head east on Old Hwy 80,  Make a right onto Old Hwy 80 at the stop (Left will take you UP Sunrsie Highway).  After you have made you left hand turn on 80 (just past Rt. 8), take it somewhat slow... The race hasn't started yet, and there is Border Patrol with LARGE speed bumps. No need to fly over one at warp speed and end the day a tad early..  For those of you with bike computers, Kitchen Creek is on the left at ~~ the 8.5mile mark. This is where we'll have the start! 
You'll get to take in awesome views of San Diego as you head all the way up Mt. Laguna, eventually making a right into a park after almost 20mi of racing.  Course below
For those that want the race broken up into pieces, here it is: (Riding from the Cars to the Race start) (End of Race - riding back to cars)
The run is equally hilly, consisting of a two loop, out and back, 4mi. run with great views of San Diego and the Imperial Valley.  The course is all trail, so if you have trail shoes it might be in your best interest to use them.  Course below
- Since this is a bike/run event, we will be transporting your run gear from the start up to transition.  Please make sure to bring a bag to carry all your gear.  For your sake, I'd aim for bright and obnoxious so it's easy to spot.
-  This can be an incredibly cold race depending on weather, so be prepared and bring a jacket.  This is especially helpful on the descent back down to Pine Valley after the race (most people agree that this makes the climbing worth it).
There is a ride back to the cars after the run. The total ride is about 47 miles with 5,000' of climbing. Please be prepared for this. We'll have water at T1 for the run, as well as for refilling bottles for the ride back.
- In the spirit of this race being one of the older events in the club, we keep it old school: No timing chips.  Just us yelling out your times at the end (trust me, this race spreads the pack out A LOT)
-There is NO SUPPORT on Kitchen Creek. AGAIN - NO SUPPORT. Please have all of the tools you will need to change a flat, as the road is closed to motorized traffic and we are not able to get the van to you.
- Yes it's an old school event, but helmets are still mandatory and ipods and music are still a big NO.
Registration is available here: ***********************
We do need a couple volunteers for this race.  If you can make it out, please let either myself know at nhjagdriver at gmail dot com.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 
We'll see everyone out there!
Happy Racing!
Jay Weber

TCSD Beginner Races

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2013 Beginner Races

When: June 15th, July 27th, August 17th

Time: 7:00am start

Where: Glorietta Bay on the Silver Strand in beautiful Coronado

Event Distance: 300m swim, a 7mi. bike and a 2mi. run

Questions? Contact Jim @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of the ideas that the Triathlon Club of San Diego was built around was the idea that our goal should be to introduce the sport and encourage participation to anyone that was interested.  With this in mind, we are proud to have beginner races taking place in June, July and August.

Anyone that has toed the line at the beginning of any race knows that it can be a little intimidating.  Triathlons are no different.  Your training and preparation can only prepare you so much for the actual raceday.  What we do is offer people new to the sport a chance to participate in a race with others that are just starting.

Our beginner races are held down at Glorietta Bay on the Silver Strand in beautiful Coronado.  With a 300m swim, a 7mi. bike and a 2mi. run, this race is perfect for any beginner who wants to try the sport in a relatively safe environment.  Plus, our beginner coaches will be down there to answer any questions you may have about everything from open water swimming to how to set up your transition area.

As with our races at Fiesta Island, we open registration two weeks before the race along with sending out a detailed description of the course and rules.  These races do fill up and in order to abide by our agreement with the city of Coronado, we must be strict on capping our attendance.

We encourage anyone that wants to try the sport of Triathlon to come out and participate in our Beginner Races.  They're a great way to experience the excitement of racing, while at the same time learning from experienced racers and coaches in a fun and safe environment.