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Calendar: TCSD Workouts
Title: Run Intervals @ Lake Miramar (Mon/Wed/Fri)
Date: Aug 29 6:15 am - 7:45 am
Location: Lake Miramar, San Diego, CA, United States
Description: What: Running Group
Where: Miramar Lake
When: Mon, Wed, Fri 6:15AM & Sun 7:00AM
Why: We love running!
Program Start: Monday May 5th
Organizers: Jim Richardson & Richard Reilly

Come join us at Miramar Lake for what we think is a great running routine that includes speed work and base building. Several of us did this program last year before some key races and found it to be very beneficial for improving our pace on all races and endurance on the longer races. It’s a 4 day a week program. You are welcome to join us for as many or few sessions during the week as you want. This is a very casual group, we have all paces and skill levels – no judgments. We are not coaches, just people that love to run and are happy to have others join us. What we really like about this program is that it allows everyone to run at their own pace while still having the opportunity at times to circle back and be a part of the group.

We meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:15 AM and Sunday at 7:00. Meeting place is the main bathroom at Miramar Lake. In the interest of everyone’s schedule, we start promptly at the allotted time. We always head out counter-clockwise.

Monday Sprints
10 minute easy pace warm-up as a group
3 sets of 5 sprints
- 45 seconds very hard sprint (this sprint will be different for everyone, just go at your fastest pace – remember it’s only 45 seconds)
- 2 minute walk as a group between sprints (5 minute walk between sets)
10 minute easy pace cool down as a group
This whole drill usually takes a little over an hour and nets about 5.5-6.5 miles

Wednesday Intervals
10 minute easy pace warm-up as a group
10 x 1k (.62 mile) intervals
- For each interval, moderate hard for first .5 mile, hard sprint for last .12 mile. As with the sprints, this interval pace will be different for everyone. The key here is to go your pace, don’t worry about speeding up or slowing down to match others.
- 2-3 minute walk as a group between intervals
10 minute easy pace cool down as a group
This whole drill usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and nets about 9-10 miles. There is an option to only do 5x1k and stop after the fist loop of the lake.

Friday 1 HR Negative Split (this is the hard one)
Figure out your goal 10k pace
- 20 minutes at goal plus 1:00 minute/mile
- 20 minutes at goal plus :30 seconds/mile
- 20 minutes at goal 10k pace (you have to really dig deep for this one, you are going hard after you are already somewhat fatigued)
Of all the runs, this one has the most alone time because everyone will likely be at completely different paces throughout and there are no walk/regroup periods.
This whole drill usually takes about an hour nets about 5-7 miles.

Sunday 5-10-15-? Mile Long Run
Easy pace the whole way. Different people will be going different paces and distances, pick somebody to pace with. The miles are a lot easier when you have somebody to chat with (especially if you are doing 10+). Many people will stop for short water and bathroom breaks at the main bathrooms (5 mile point).

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